Life as a Freshman During the Pandemic

December 7, 2020


To be a freshman right now during the pandemic it’s a little hard with mental issues and having to do work all online. Online school can be stressful especially since we don’t have a choice to not do online. Online is not a lot of people’s forte. My sister has done online and she didn’t really like it because it was hard for her. My sister suggested that I shouldn’t do online school. Briana Gagliardi said, “I suggest you don’t do online school because it’s going to be a real pain trust me I did online school.” Briana has done online school, because she wanted to and she still didn’t like it so how do we feel  when it’s not optional for us.

It’s going to be hard if we don’t go back physical school mainly because the teachers are not here to help us with anything. With the physical classes, like fashion design, the teacher can’t help us with sewing because of covid the first project was hand sewing and it was hard for her to help everyone. Being a freshman while this pandemic is going on is hard because now you can’t get the freshman experience you don’t know where your classes will be when you go back to the school. 

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