What’s Happening with the Californian Wildfires?

November 16, 2020


Starting around the middle of August, the Californian wildfires have spread out and are still ravaging the state, and others around it, as of October 30th. According to the Californian website CA.gov, “Over 5,600 firefighters continue to battle 22 wildfires in California. Yesterday, firefighters responded to 29 new wildfires, all of which were quickly contained.” According to this, it seems the fires are able to be controlled, however that is not stopping them from burning down forests and houses alike.

The Californian wildfires seem to have been caused by a lightning storm, paired with hot and windy weather, as The Guardian reports, “Sparked by a rare lightning storm and stoked by hot, windy weather, the fires have expanded quickly into the Sierra Nevada, southern California, and regions north, east, and south of San Francisco.” These fires have been costing people their homes and lives, and it seems the fires have shown no signs of stopping.

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