It’s Spooky Season

November 7, 2020


It is finally time to put on a different type of mask this year, because it’s almost Halloween. 

For many people this year has been quite a blur with all of the current events surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, countdown to the upcoming presidential election, and multiple other things that are occurring in the world right now. It is the end of October at the moment and in years prior that would mean festivities would occur such as trick or treating and costume parties. Those things should not occur this year due to the strong recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to practice social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The events that the year 2020 brought cannot bring down the Halloween spirit, because there are many inexpensive ways to still have fun this Halloween. 

To get into the Halloween spirit, make some popcorn or get some candy, turn off the lights, get cozy under your blankets, and watch some spine-chilling and ghastly movies. Netflix has recently made a category titled Halloween Favorites with an amazing, eclectic array of movies and TV shows. This category has some memorable classics such as the Silence of the Lambs, Poltergeist, the Adams Family, and Sleepy Hollow. If you watch the 1999 version of Sleepy Hollow, you can say the famous quote along with Johnny Depp, who was playing Icabod Crane, “Villainy wears many masks, none so more dangerous as the mask of virtue.” By watching these classic movies, it will be sure to boost your serotonin levels with the sensation of nostalgia that is felt when watching those spooky movies. If you are interested in finding newer hair-raising movies to watch, Netflix has got them covered there as well. Notably chilling, fairly new movies such as Eli, Creep, Hush, and 1BR will keep you on the edge of your seat and have your heart pounding with suspense of what is yet to come. The sense of the spirit of Halloween will be instilled after checking out this Netflix category.

Every year when the calendar hits October 1st, decor involving pumpkins appears on people’s porches to celebrate Halloween. Many people this time of year show their skills in pumpkin carving, so there is no reason that this year should be an exception. If you would like to know a place where you could get a pumpkin for a cheap price, go to your local Aldi and you could get a pumpkin for as low as $1.89. While at Aldi, you could buy a pumpkin carving set if you do not already have one. Gather with friends and family, of course responsibly and while following CDC guidelines, to carve pumpkins and chat. After everyone is done carving their masterpiece, place them on your porch for neighbors or passerbys to view. This joyous activity can create wonderful, long lasting memories for this Halloween. 

Though the plans of costume parties are off the schedule in person, having a Zoom call to show off your costume could be the next best thing. Find time to organize a Zoom call with your friend group on or around Halloween to have a virtual costume party. Be sure to make your costumes inventive for this event to impress your friends. In the words of comedian Judy Gold, “Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative.” When you enter the Zoom call, keep your camera turned off and countdown from five once everyone is on the call and turn on your cameras for the big reveal of what everyone’s costumes are. All of the festivities listed gives a chance for there to be a sense of kept traditions for this Halloween and a chance to celebrate with your friends. The goal of this Spooky Season is to stay safe, stay healthy and have fun despite the challenges that come with this year.


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