Freshmen Transition into the High School During Coronavirus

November 20, 2020


It is without question that this year has been a very different experience for freshmen transitioning into Pottsgrove high school. Coronavirus has put a hold on learning in person for Pottsgrove high school and switched to an all online school using school. When asked about their experiences, one student, Dustin Penot said, “It was very frustrating trying to find where everything is in the first week. After I got to know the teachers and got comfortable in my zoom classes everything kind of fell into place you know. However, I don’t think I will be able to take another month of this.” Dustin is just a normal student at school like a lot of students in the fall, but another student, Thomas Miller is trying to balance both online school and football at the same time. “I feel confused and worried that I am going to miss a class or be late and not be able to play. I am so tired after a long school day and two and a half hours of football practice, it’s just super hard to handle.” You heard it here first folks, the online school has most likely been hard for most freshmen and maybe most Pottsgrove High School in general.

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