Health at Home

November 6, 2020


Staying healthy during this time may not be as easy as it used to be. From covid-19 to flu season coming up it is important to stay healthy. Some easy ways to stay healthy at home are by washing your hands and not touching your face. Also when going out you should always wear a mask and only meet up in small groups. You can also stay healthy physically by exercising or working out. “Doing what you enjoy and working to be the best you is a necessity to staying physically and mentally fit,” a quote from freshman Nicole Lockey perfectly sums up how to be healthy. But physical health isn’t the only thing that is important.

During this time a lot of people aren’t able to see their friends and family in person. Also with the amount of schoolwork and class all day at home many students are finding it hard to be happy. Taking breaks for yourself are important to stay happy. “ I play sports that I enjoy,” from Raelyn Eisenhard, a freshman that is just one way to take stress off yourself.  You could also call a friend, or do an activity you enjoy. You could watch a new tv show or movie. Any activity that you enjoy doing can help you. depicts how to stay less stressed out. “Keep yourself active and do things you love,” a quote from freshman Avery Gleason depicts how to stay less stressed out. Remember that your health is important, and you should take the time to stay and feel healthy.


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