Interview with Ms. Fritshaffer

April 30, 2020

Music at Pottsgrove High School is a very popular topic. Our new choir teacher, Ms. Fritshaffer is who I chose to interview out of our music groups. In the questions I asked “What is your favorite type of music?” and “When did you learn that music was going to be your career?” 

Many students at PGHS love her, and her teaching. From the one concert to many events at school, students have been inspired to join the choir and be involved in music.  Here are some questions asking Ms. Fritshaffer about how music is a great passion for her. 

When did you know that music would be your passion?

– “I first knew that music was my passion in 4th Grade. I decided to start singing in the chorus and playing the clarinet. I loved dancing to music and sang everywhere I went from the dinner table to the playground.”

Who is your favorite singer?

– “My favorite singer is Sara Bareilles.”

How do you see music influence other people?

– I see music influence other people in the world by bringing them together through shared experiences. There are so many reasons to feel isolated, different, and alone and music can connect people in feeling, emotion, and experience.”

What artists inspire you in music?

– “Artists that inspire me are Claude Debussy, Fleet Foxes, Kendrick Lamar, and Ingrid Michaelson. The list is always growing and changes daily, but I think there is something that I can learn and appreciate every musician I’ve ever heard. People’s passion for music inspires me.”

What is your favorite genre of music to sing? 

– “My favorite music to sing is choral music. I love working with other voices and music-making as a team.”

Music is such a big help for everyone around the world. Being able to listen to music makes people happy, it provides us with a lyric and a line about how people feel. Music is such a great passion especially here at Grove.

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