A Rise in Domestic Violence in Our Community

April 17, 2020

Although it is a very upsetting and disturbing topic to think about, domestic violence is a serious issue all over the world, including Montgomery County. An article was written as well as statistics calculated that domestic violence rates have seen an 8 to 9% increase since the stay at home orders, self-isolation, and social distancing has begun. Since many are being ordered to stay at home; those having to do so are trapped in their toxic relationships or households. This can then lead to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. During this period of time, county police departments have received and reported 1.322 incidents of domestic violence for a median average of forty per day. This is a very sensitive topic but even a more serious issue- and incidents and situations like these could be going on in our very school community. County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele was interviewed, and shed some light onto this topic; “Living in this unprecedented pandemic is a stressful time, with adults and children staying at home together, confined to close quarters while at the same time being upended from routines, friends, jobs and other constants of their lives,” he then added “Add to that fears of getting coronavirus, job losses and layoffs and stress and you have a situation that can lead to tensions in even the best of relationships but especially where there is a family member who acts out physically and emotionally.” it was going on to be explained that as disturbing as these calls and situations can be, it is likely that there are cases of domestic violence, attempted murder, and abuse throughout homes that are not being reported; usually due to fear. “I cannot stress enough that law enforcement and our partner agencies are here for victims of domestic violence. We are still making arrests and prosecuting these cases during this crisis,” Steele said. 


 Source: https://www.pottsmerc.com/news/montco-sees-rise-in-domestic-abuse-calls-during-coronavirus-shutdown/article_5682cc28-800c-11ea-aa07-037937776109.html

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