Advantages and Disadvantages of Coronacation

April 7, 2020


This year has started off with a rocky start, as the COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly getting worse. With the school’s closing, I thought I should get some student’s output on the advantages and disadvantages. Mya Krueger says, “The advantages are we won’t be in contact with anyone at school in case they have it but don’t know and test positive, the disadvantages of it would be if we get off school and people go out they could still get it.” Across the nation, schools have been closing due to this pandemic. Kameryn Appel says; “The advantage is that it keeps everyone away from the germs until it passes and runs its course. The disadvantage is the online school.” Although this rule has been declared to keep students and teachers safe, to some students it feels like a punishment, especially to the seniors who might not get to walk on stage for their diploma. Robert Whybrow says; “There will hopefully be less spread, students can still do work at home, students can focus more at home where they can feel safe compared to when they’re at school.” Doing school online takes away the socialization and hands-on learning even if it is the safest option. Alex Degler says; “As an advantage we get to go out into nature and get to relax, and watch Netflix, some disadvantages are not being able to see some of your friends, having to be in the house at 8 p.m. and Schoology constantly not working.” The results I gathered from the interviews is that most students miss socializing and seeing friends at school. COVID-19 is a very widespread illness that has taken over 2020 so far, with all of this going on it makes you feel appreciated for the little things like going to school, driving in the car with friends, and even going to the mall. 

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