Social Media Survey

February 28, 2020

Throughout Pottsgrove High School almost every student has a phone and that phone contains some sort of social media. A polling was done between male and female students about how often they are on social media and the platforms that they use the most frequent. The questions included in the poll are: What is your gender, What social media do you spend the most time on, How many hours do you spend on social media, What do you think is the most popular social media platform, and How often do you post on social media. Nineteen females and sixteen males completed the survey. When analyzing the results I found that 48% of our peers mostly spend their time on Snapchat and 40% on TikTok. Instagram and facebook are used very little, 2% said instagram and no one said facebook. TikTok is mostly used by females which is not very surprising, but there were a few males that spend time on this platform. For the amount of hours spent on social media 54% of the respondents chose 1-3 hours and a 31% said 4-6 hours. This is quite surprising because I know personally I spend around six hours on my phone a day. 51% of students responded that they feel snapchat is the most popular platform which is surprising because TikTok is becoming fairly popular. Only a 25% of the votes went to TikTok as the most popular platform. The answers for the last question were very spread out. With the mosts votes 31% said that they post on social media every few weeks. This is very surprising because on snapchat most people post daily or multiple times throughout the day. Overall the surveys came back and were diverse throughout the answers. Social media has become very big part of our generations lives and the amount of time people spend on their phones is going to keep rising. 


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