E-hall pass survey 

February 28, 2020


This survey was to see if students and teachers find out if e-hall passes are considered useful. The survey was split into two groups: ten teachers and ten students. When the surveys had come back 8/10 of teachers had scored the effectiveness of the e-hall passes above a 5 from a 1-10 scale, but there were still complaints. With the other 2/10 they had rated the effectiveness of the e-hall passes a 3 and 4. The next question was then asking if teachers thought e-hall passes are better than paper passes. 5/10 had said no and sometimes, while the other half had said yes. This shows how there are issues that still haven’t been solved yet that could be solved for e-hall passes. In the next question it had asked if e-hall passes can keep track of a student, out of the answer options of yes, no, and sometimes, 6/10 had said sometimes with comments like; “sometimes, saves time but can be troublesome to check the website in the middle of class,” and “sometimes, nothing seems to happen if they go over the time” another comment said, “sometimes, nothing seems to happen if they go over the time.” What I think is that yeah, e-hall passes work for the majority of teachers but there’s a lot of problems within the system that also needs to be addressed. 

But on the contrary the students of Pottsgrove high school had very different views. When asking the effectiveness on a scale of 1-10 of e-hall passes 9/10 students had scored below a 5, with one outlier that had scored a 7 out of 10 on the effectiveness scale. Then asking students if e-hall passes are better than paper 6/10 had said no and sometimes, the other 4 students saying yes. When asking the students if e-hall passes can effectively keep track of a student 8/10 had said no, a student had even commented that “I still wonder the hallways.” While the other 2/10 had said yes. 

What I learned is that students and teachers are on completely different spectrums on how people feel about the usage of e-hall passes. The ten teachers and ten students had both shown vastly different answers, though teachers also had major complaints about the e-hall passes.  Though teachers were mostly for e-hall passes, they also commented on the issues of the e-hall passes.

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