Love Island

February 16, 2020

Love Island

In the US we watch reality tv like the Bachelor, Project Runway, the Bachelorette, and so many more. But now there is a brand new show from the UK and Australia that will interest all the romantics and lovestruck people out there. Love Island, a group of singles are brought together in a beautiful tropical location. They are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love never runs smoothly. They must not only choose their couple wisely, but they must win the public’s heart. Challenges and dramatic twists abound as the lovers form alliances and relationships are built in an effort to win the ultimate prize. Viewers have the opportunity to shape the events on screen as they watch the relationships and love circles develop before crowning one lucky couple as the winner.

Although some people do not vibe with reality tv shows they really can be addicting. Take it from a reviewer from imbd when they says, “I never watch reality tv. I literally starting watching this because I wanted something stupid to laugh at. I was super emotionally invested within the first episode.” Shows like Love Island can make you laugh, smile, and even want to be on the show! If you are a person who is into reality tv or you need a new show to watch go check out Love Island.

Stream through CBS or Amazon Prime

Love Island UK is streaming through Hulu

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