The CSI Effect

February 12, 2020

The CSI effect is a belief that CSI television shows are affecting the jurors, to expect more forensics evidence in order to convict the defendant. In the article How the CSI Effect Influences American Jurors, they explain the CSI effect and give more information about it. There are pros and cons to the CSI effect, including the pro that more people are interested in forensics science, and the con that it is affecting the cases. The CSI effect is also causing misconceptions to the people and the jurors. For example, the people believe there is always evidence at a crime scene, that the technology should always be updated as fast as our consumer technology, and that testing evidence should not take as long as it does. These misconceptions come from the people watching the CSI shows where the crime is solved in less than an hour. Many professionals are scared that because there is no forensic evidence presented at a trial a guilty defendant may be set free. Some evidence shows that the CSI effect can do the opposite and make the jurors more likely to convict the defendant because of their interest in the show. Because of all of this some prosecutors must explain to the juries why certain pieces of evidence do or do not exist. The CSI effect has pros and cons which were discussed in class, but also outlined through some evidence and examples in the article How the CSI Effect Influences American Jurors, which explains these pros and cons and also gives more detail about the CSI effect.

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