Trauma at Home Causes Trauma at School

February 12, 2020

Yelling, screaming, crying causes the same effect at school, it causes you to scream at people over something small because that could be what you’re used to at home. It causes you to cry because you dread the end of the day and you become sensitive. Being told you aren’t good enough and not trying hard enough because you’re told by the people you love that you never will be.. Enough for anything. Jennifer Gunn from “Concordia University” stated that, “trauma and stress can alter a young person’s brain functions, impacting learning, causing behavior problems, and showing violence,” with that being said a young person’s brain is still developing and any slight trauma to it can cause a young persons’ perceptive on certain things to be off or altered. People who struggle at home may not show that they are struggling but, certain things can set them off. According to Jennifer Gunn from “Concordia University,” A student may be triggered by something non-threatening (like a loud noise, or not understanding an assignment) and feel the intense emotions and fear associated with a frightening event. People who suffer from Trauma at home often separate themselves from their friends and some start to form PTSD and maybe even anxiety. With them forming PTSD and anxiety that could have major effects on them in school. Some people try to reach out to others or even trusted teachers but, it isn’t taken as seriously as it should be depending on the situation. Other people who suffer from trauma at home are afraid to reach out and get help because they are afraid of the consequences they may have to face at home. What is very upsetting about people who suffer with trauma is that, they are usually very intelligent people and they have a heart of gold but, since they suffer from trauma it has an affect on their thinking and the actions they may take or make. You may ask, Why am I making Trauma at home and trauma at school such a big deal is because it is such a sensitive topic that some people are too afraid to talk about, and I feel that it is a topic that should be talked about to help spread awareness. Yelling, screaming, crying are all actions that worry people but, they are also actions that need to be taken more seriously.


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