Senioritis at the Grove

February 12, 2020

According to the dictionary, Senioritis is a “supposed affliction,” but according to the Seniors at Pottsgrove it is no myth. Seniors at Pottsgrove, though school has just begun, are experiencing signs of Senioritis. One of our own Seniors, Collin Deckert claims, “I could literally fail every single class and nothing will change.” Most of our seniors have Senioritis and Collin is one of them. But by not trying and not caring about grades, this shows that our seniors do not need this year it is just a requirement. By coming to school, the seniors are showing responsibility and initiative, and helping themselves for their future. 

Although many seniors have Senioritis, the rest of the seniors need this year to help them in the future. Some do not need or want to attend college, but this year matters for them to receive their diploma. Senior year is also taken seriously by many people who do want to attend college and need it for college. Another Senior at the Grove, Skylar Glass claims, “I have five AP classes and an online class and also I am in AP Spanish and don’t speak it.” Skylar also claims that college essays are “hard and obnoxious.” This issue is stressing out the seniors at Pottsgrove. 

Teachers at Pottsgrove have mixed opinions on the term “Senioritis.” Mr Kriebel claims, “Senioritis is just another way for students to complain about the harsh reality of the difficulties of the real world,” and then he follows up with, “Senioritis is the lightest form of stress you will experience in your life.” Some students may agree with Kriebel, but the ones that are experiencing Senioritis do not. After interviewing another teacher, I asked “Is Senioritis real?”  Mr R says, “Yes I’ve had it since my senior year of high school.” Although this might be funny sounding, this can happen and does to some people, including our teachers.

Senioritis is a “supposed affliction” of students in their final year of high school, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance. Many people are dealing with this issue at Pottsgrove as well as other schools. This makes grades drop, and can lose the attention of the students, but it can sometimes motivate students to strive for greatness. Although we use this term, do not let it ruin your senior year and your future. Enjoy your Senior year, do well, and live your best life!


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