Color Day Opinions

January 29, 2020

Now that color day has concluded, and the seniors have won, many students have varying opinions. Going into color day many students believed that the juniors would come out on top. That was not the case. Senior Victoria LaPrince had a lot to say when asked about color day this year, “We won we deserved it. Good luck next year juniors! Watch your back for the Sophomores!” Mr. Vanhorn had also said that he believes the seniors did win. Another senior Nick Bush said,”It is always rigged and we should be allowed to say go home freshman!” Coming from a Junior’s perspective, I talked too Kyla Hutchinson and Sierra Potts. Kyla had said,” Seniors cheated, it’s rigged.” Sierra said something similar,”it was rigged, juniors should win.” I also talked to four sophomores about their thoughts on experiencing their second color day. Sarah Chapman said,”I like the tradition.” Another sophomore Jasmine Bowman who moved to the school this year said,”it was fun and very good competition!” Mikayla Pinelli said,’it was way more fun than last year.” Tyler Kaufman said,”it was a fun day!” Lastly, coming from freshman Brendan OBrien, he said,”I like the energy and enthusiasm.” Good luck to all grades next year at the 65th annual color day! 

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