The Grove Epidemic: TikTok Obsession

January 29, 2020


Another epidemic has risen through the halls of Grove. You’re probably thinking, “Oh no, another vape article”, well you are wrong. The new TikTok trend is taking over the school. Out of a poll of 400 teens, over 50% of teenagers have the app, and 95% have heard of it or watched the videos.

TikTok is a new social media platform that teenagers are obsessed with. It comes from the app we all had in middle school, This is an app where people make their own videos of them and their friends lip syncing to a “trendy” song. In a study from Influencer Marketing Hub, they found that 524 million people at one point had the app in 2018. The numbers are even higher now. 

One of our very own students grew from this app, you know her name, Loren Gray Beech. She now stands for the most followed influencer on TikTok at 32.6 million followers. Although she has not attended Pottsgrove since Middle School, she is known by almost everyone in our school and even the country. She may not live here anymore but before this app Loren states, “I was a no one.” She is now making videos, songs, and youtube videos with a net-worth of $300 thousand, at 17 years old. 

Although many teenagers and students are obsessing and becoming addicted to this app, at least it isn’t nicotine. Smartphones are a big part of our generation and sometimes we need to embrace the change. Not everyone becomes rich and famous from apps like this, but some do and it’s crazy. Keep watching your TikToks kids.


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