Mental Health in Schools

January 23, 2020


Mental Health in school is an on -going problem that unfortunately teens and even adults struggle with. In any workplace people struggle with mental health but, with young adults and adolescence teens tend to struggle more especially in school because some don’t know how to handle it. Many studies have showed that people struggling with mental health are less focused in school and some people who are struggling their grades will drop. “National Alliance on Mental Illness” stated that, “undiagnosed or untreated mental health conditions can affect a young person’s ability to learn, grow, and develop.”  Some schools offer specific programs for students who have shown they are struggling with a mental illness to help them get through school day to day. Mental Health in Pottsgrove over the years has gotten taken more seriously. Students who often suffer from Mental illness while in school sometimes keep it to themselves while, some teachers and other students notice a change to the student suffering and some will even report it to get them help. According to the “Hey Teach,” website stated that, “60 percent of high school students suffering with a mental illness don’t graduate.” A noticeable change in students who are suffering their grades may drastically drop, they may get behind on all their classwork, they may seem more to themselves and look tired or distraught. 



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