Neutral Area of the Battleground

May 3, 2021

Put on your face paint and prepare for battle, because Color Day is happening on May 10th at Pottsgrove High School. Musical guests will be performing intermittently throughout the day to hype up all of the grade levels, so that they will be pumped up for their upcoming athletic events.

With half of the school being online and a global pandemic halting some school events, speaking of normalcy is not something that is of regular jargon as of recently. However, things are getting closer to the definition of normal with the release of the COVID-19 vaccines. These advancements in science are allowing normal annual events, such as Color Day, to occur. For those of you who are either freshmen or new to the district, Color Day is a Pottsgrove High School Tradition that happens every year and, in short, it is like an elementary school field day on steroids. All of the grades compete against each other in athletic competition on a quest for glory to have their class brandish their victory. There is one aspect of Color Day that does not get as much recognition as it should. The musical performances. 

During Color Day, there are several time slots allotted for Pottsgrove students to perform musical compositions for their peers. Each grade has their own specified time that they are to arrive at these performances. At the beginning of every class set, in a normal year, Pottsgrove High School social studies teacher, John Shantz, would bellow from the stage, “No slam dancing. No moshing. None of that stuff or craziness. No crowd surfing and don’t come up on stage,” and that sediment definitely reigns true in the wake of the CDC regulations surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. This event is almost like a neutral area of the battleground during Color Day. The student performances score no points for any of the grades and only serves the purpose of bringing excitement through music to the students. This gives musical students an opportunity to put on an extraordinary production for their cohorts and leaves the performers and the audience with many fantastic, long lasting memories. From rock to rap, an eclectic array of songs are performed throughout the concerts by miraculous musicians that will be sure to make your feet tap to the sound.

Mr. Shantz has been compiling quite a set list of acts for the impending concerts that will take place near the school’s loading dock. Some Color Day concert veterans are returning to the stage, such as Jasmine Collins, Sandy Jorgenson, Sydney Renner, Mackenzie Johnson, and Naysa Felix. Some newbies, such as Allison Palmer and Kyla Hutchinson, will be performing for their first Color Day concert this year. Pottsgrove senior, Allison Palmer, is very excited for her Color Day debut and stated, “In previous years, I have been an audience member and I always thought that the Color Day performances were awesome, and it totally just slipped my mind that I could sign up and perform myself. So now that I signed up and am performing, I’m super excited! It’ll be so fun! Definitely come and have a blast while we perform!” For some of the songs, these powerful female voices will perform a duet to their amazing tunes. These collaborations include Jasmine Collins and Allison Palmer performing the song Halloween (Wish You Were Here) by Oublaire, and Naysa Felix and Kyla Hutchinson performing the song Prisoner by Miley Cyrus. These talented individuals will be sure to put on a show that will be sure to knock your socks off and entertain you. Though it is too late to sign up to perform at Color Day this year, if you are interested in performing next Color Day, please email [email protected] with any questions. 

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