Covid-19 and the Holidays

December 21, 2020


With the upcoming holidays, and recent shutdowns, it is wondered how the holidays will end up. Covid cases are on the rise as the time for winter break comes up. That means people will be shopping or traveling. This can negatively affect Covid cases. Just recently the CDC released new guidelines for during the holiday season. The guidelines are mentioning that groups or gatherings should stay to a small amount and within these groups, you should social distance, and wear a mask. These new guidelines may be difficult to follow considering the large amount of gathering that take place in the upcoming weeks. But they are necessary, to keep the cases as low as they can be, and to prevent Covid being spread to family and friends.

The CDC is advising people to not travel, but travel is still allowed. “This is two weeks today from Christmas, so for those who want to do those extended family get-togethers and are able to, now is the time for everyone who’s going to isolate,”(CBSN) says Clay Jenkins, a judge from Dallas County. If you do decide to travel this holiday season, it is important to take the proper steps to be sure you don’t risk spreading Covid to family and friends. “All activities are going to have some risk of being impinged upon by the virus,” (Vox) states Amesh Adlja, a physician from John Hopkins University. Over a million people have died from the coronavirus, and that number is still rising. No matter what activity or event you go to, there is always a risk for catching the coronavirus, so if you do end up traveling or attending a party, be sure to stay safe.

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