Sports Overview

January 23, 2020

Sports Overview

Being at Pottsgrove, sports and team spirit play a huge role in our school. Basketball, Track, Wrestling, and Swimming are all winter sports going on now that I have begun to be invested in. Men’s basketball this year have accumulated more wins this year, then they had the previous year. Along with accumulating more wins the men’s wrestling team has gotten more wins this year so far. Women’s Basketball has less losses than last year, and have gained a lot more wins. Overall the winter sports teams’ this year have been doing pretty well but, they still have more games, meets, and tournaments to go. 

 I believe that this topic or submission is relevant for our school newspaper because, Sports and all the information about the sports going on right now. I believe that this section of the people will interest  students, teachers, and even parents. I believe students will enjoy reading it because, a lot of students know people on a sports team and like to watch them but, if they can’t they can easily get updates through the newspaper. Also, the updates on students records or how they do could help the athlete themselves with getting help with getting recognized by other teams or scouts. I think this topic is more for Pottsgrove students or parents of Pottsgrove students. I don’t think the general population, of people who do not attend Pottsgrove or know any athlete that attends Pottsgrove will find this topic appealing.

Although the sports section is a broad topic, I don’t this topic is going to struggle because, sports at Pottsgrove are always going on and athletes are always being recognized. Going along with athletes being recognized, almost every sports team has a captain. During the winter sports season Rylee Simon is the girls basketball captain, Victoria Keener is the swim team captain, and Josh Cerrito is the Wrestling teams captain. I am still working on getting information on Track, and Swimming. 

In conclusion, the school article and specifically this section I feel will be very beneficial.

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