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February 28, 2020

I chose to make my poll about different topics that students enjoy. It was a 5 question survey and I got a total of 55 responses. The reason I decided to make this survey was to see what topics students find entertaining. This helps the newspaper write more topics that interest students. The questions I used were what grade are you in, what music do you prefer, what movie/TV genres do you find entertaining, what books do you like reading, and what hobbies do you enjoy. While looking at the results, I found some of the information was different than I expected. 

For the second question, most of the results were what I expected. Most people prefer rap and pop music. Pop music had 30.9% and rap had 27.3%. There were some people that like country, but not many.  Not one person chose jazz, which was not a surprise. The results for what movie/TV genres people prefer were shocking to me. I thought that horror and romance would be most popular, but that was not the case. Although many people said horror, I found that action and comedy were popular. Horror still had the most with 30.9% and action had 21.8%. It also appears that very few students like watching sci-fi movies because it had 5.5%. For the genre of books, I saw that many people chose sci-fi. Sci-fi had 23.4% and it was the highest out of all of them. I did not think that would be a popular response, but it was more common than action and horror. Romance and drama both are 14.5%. There was a lot of difference between the answers in this question. Horror was the least chosen genre. The final question was “what hobbies do you enjoy” and there was clearly a favorite hobby: sports. Sports were the most common with 29.1%. Gaming and art were also favored. Gaming was a close second with 25.5% and art has 18.2%. Music wasn’t necessarily the least favorite because many people still chose it, but it had fewer votes than the rest.

There were a lot of diverse answers that were chosen and the grade level did not affect the choices like I thought it would. Most of the results were surprising to me and I found this survey very helpful. In the future, I hope to write more articles that students will enjoy for the newspaper.

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