The “Cult” of St. Brigid


Ashlee Landis

 In Kildare, Ireland, during 480, there was a former slave, known today as St Brigid. She had many followers who she looked after, and ultimately decided to ask King Leinster for some land. Although he refused, she bargained by asking that he gives as much land to her as her cloak would cover, but he thought she was joking, and because of his ignorance he agreed. Her cloak covered 5000 acres, giving her the right to claim the area of Ireland that is now known as Killdare. There is now a “cult” for St Brigid in Kildare. Many people say the point is to give women an equal status. One of the nuns said that the reason that St Brigid appeals to so many people is because of “her alignment with the earth, and because our planet is in danger”. This year, on St Brigid’s day, hundreds of women lit candles to honor her after all these years. There is a whole religion (or as many call it, a cult) dedicated to her after all these years.

People have finally come together and decided to worship a woman who took care of others and the earth,  and have even formed a religion out of it. People gather together, just like at church, and do many different things to practice celebrating Brigid. These include reciting prayers, making holy water, praying, and more. The cult is mostly comprised of women as it’s considered a feminist religion for catholics. During an interview with The New York Times, Margaret Hebblethwaite, a writer on Catholic matters, said “She is such a model, so badly needed by the church today because of the issues of gender equality,” referring to Brigid and her nobility. A lot of people  who joined this religion are also members due to the safety of the planet. Many find it very inspiring that so many people care so deeply about the planet in this day and age that they made and joined a religion that is meant to help it.